Tovex Complete Explosive System



With the announcement that Du Pont planned to withdraw from the dynamite business in favor of Tovex water gels by the end of 1976, a new chapter in explosives history was begun. Tovex is the most important breakthrough in explosives since Dupont started manufacturing black powder over 170 years ago. The Dupont plant, technology and goodwill were purchased by explosives Technology International (ETI) in 1988. BIAFO is a licencee of ETI in Pakistan and use the original Dupont formulation and technology including identical raw material and quality control procedures. Basically, Tovex offers consumers a small diameter product that is very effective and equivalent to dynamite in performance and one that is safer than conventional dynamite for transporting, storage and handling. Tovex a complete replacement for dynamite, is being accepted by blasting experts throughout the country and the world because Tovex performs equal to or better than dynamite, and it’s much safer.
In addition:
- Tovex provides a wide range in borehole densities.
- Tovex offers improved flexibility in loading.
- Tovex reduces propagation between holes.
- Tovex has reliable water resistance.
- Tovex cuts smoke and noxious fumes.
- Tovex eliminates nitroglycerin headaches.


Tovex is packaged in a number of formulations and in a wide range of convenient sizes down to one-inch. BIAFO offers a complete explosive system for above and below ground application … wherever rock must be broken. These small-diameter cartridge water gels combine with conventional electric to non-electric initiators to comprise an explosives system with maximum performance and safety.


Tovex Safe Explosive

  To prove that Tovex is less sensitive than dynamite to accidental detonation from impact, shock or fire, Du Pont subjected Tovex to a series of tests far tougher than any used before. The tests cited were made only to compare the action of dynamite and Tovex when subjected to similar test conditions. These tests are not meant to imply that Tovex cannot be detonated under more severe conditions. Users should recognized the facts that Tovex is an explosive and should be treated and handled as such.
  - Impact Test
In the standards Du Pont Drop test, most dynamites detonate under the impact of 4.4-pound weight dropped from 15 inches. In the same test Tovex has not initiated under the impact of an 11-pound weight at the maximum drop of 52 inches. Another drop test was tried. Samples of Tovex water gel were placed on steel plates. A 40-pound weight was dropped from a height of 15 feet. The Tovex samples failed to detonate.
  - Shock Test    
A more severe test was tried in which the shock of a 150-grain. 30-60 bullets at a velocity of over 2,625 feet per second shattered, but failed to detonate the samples of Tovex Water Gels. While this specific test indicates the relative safety characteristics of Tovex it does not mean that these products cannot be detonates under other conditions or by more sever shocks, such as higher velocity bullets.
  - Burning Test
Another possible source of accidental detonation is fire during transportation and storage of explosives. It is well known that the behavior of dynamite is unpredictable when subjected to fire and intense heat. To simulate more server confinement, samples of Tovex were sealed except for a small relief hole in the end cap. After five minutes in intense heat, the Tovex vaporized venting the gases as a jet of pressure through the relief hole, but did not detonate.
  Under these same conditions, dynamite samples detonated, shattering the steel cylinder





Tovex contains no nitroglycerin. Dynamite is made with nitroglycerin. This is big safety difference. Since its introduction more than 4 billion pounds of Tovex have been shipped, handled and used without an accidental detonation attributable to Tovex.
Tovex is reliably sensitive to conventional priming method yet much more resistant than Dynamite to accidental intimation from impact, shock or fire. Every standard industries test proves it. Because Tovex is so outstanding in safety and performance. Dupont stopped making Dynamite in 1977.




With the switch to Tovex, users have improved morale and increased productivity on each shift as nitroglycerin headaches disappeared.




Tovex resists accidental detonation from impact friction and fire far better than Dynamite. So hazards posed in shipping, handling and storage are greatly reduced.




Tovex is a class 3 division I explosive with good balance of energy, density, velocity, sensitivity and water resistance. Tovex comes in diameters down to 7/8” for a full range of explosives operations. Its tampable can be loaded into rough, ragged holes, and offers excellent shelf life.




Since Dynamite is much more sensitive than Tovex, propagation between holes can occur, disrupting delay sequences causing more vibration and fly rock. Tovex is formulated to minimize hole-to-hole propagation making it ideal to use when tough shooting condition exist.




Unlike Dynamite, Tovex water gel explosive contain no nitroglycerin so there’s no way you can get nitro headache from either handling Tovex or breathing fumes after blasting. A miner once described a nitroglycerin headache as “five time worse than worst headache as “five time worse than headache I ever had. Worker with nitro headaches just can’t be productive.




Smoke and fumes after a blast contain Tovex carbon monoxide of nitrogen. The amount of Tovex fumes and smoke generates with less Tovex then with dynamite .operators find with Tovex productivity increased, since the men can return to work more quickly and safely than with Dynamite.




In all type of explosive operation Tovex is providing .it can save money by reduce drilling and blasting costs. Shortening work cycles and improving productivity over Dynamite.
More efficient hole spacing reduced the cost of blasting in quarries .In coal mines the loader can work all the way to the back of the cut when shot with Tovex,but not when shot with Dynamite .in tunnel operation ,with tovex virtually no fumes allowing for almost immediate mucking operation with no significant delay in the work cycle. The precision drilling and smooth blasting that are possible with Tovex reduced the overhead .eliminated unwanted slides helps time saving and planning without interrupting traffic. Tovex is less dense than Dynamite; you can Shoot More Sticks per pounds of explosive.


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