Tovex®, a complete replacement for dynamite, is being accepted by blasting experts throughout the country and the world because TOVEX performs equal to or better than dynamite, and it’s much safer............... In addition:
Provides a wide range in borehole densities.
Tovex offers improved flexibility in loading
Tovex reduces propagation between holes.
Tovex has reliable water resistance.
Tovex cuts smoke and noxious fumes.
Tovex eliminated nitroglycerin headaches.
Biafo offers complete explosives systems for above and below ground application, where rock must be broken are:
1 - Super Blaster  
2 - Blaster  
3 - Super Breaker  
4 - Breaker  
5 - Sesimic  
6 - Coal Miner  
7 - Prespliter  

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