TOVEX --- seismic
TOVEX® SEISMIC EXPLOSIVE Has proven a consistently performance, high safety in shot hole explosive that provides performance equivalent to dynamite with increased safety for seismic prospecting. Tovex ® is particularly well suited for sleeper charges because of its resistance to water and to desensitization under high hydrostatic pressure. Tovex ® s water gel offers increased safety to impact, shock and fire and gives high energy level when compared to dynamite.

  Density : 1.23-1.30 gm / cc
  Velocity of detonation (VOD): Greater than 16,650 ft/sec (5,000 m/sec)
  Fume Class : Class 1, acceptable for underground use
  Explosives Classification :
Class 3 division 1,
  Shelf Life : One year from date of manufacturing stored at ambient temperatures
  Water Resistance :
  Priming Requirements :
Use standard # 8 strength Electric detonators
  Diameter (mm)
  Length (mm) 190, 360
  Net weight per Cartridge 500 & 1000 gms
  Note: Also available in smaller dia with soft shell for shallow holes.
  Tovex ® S is packaged in a totally sealed cartridge. Water pressure up to 250 p.s.i. or 17.6 kg/sq.cm(equal to that at the bottom of a 500ftor 152m deep shothole filled with water) has no adverse effect on its performance. Tovex ® S has unlimited sleep time.

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