Dr. M. Humayun Khan  
  Chairman of the Board of Directors  
Dr. M. Humayun Khan was born in 1932 at Abbotabad in the then North West Frontier province. He was educated at Bishop Cotton School, Simla , Trinity College, Cambridge and Lincoln's Inn London. He is an M.A ( Cantab) and Bar-at-Law. Later, he attended the University of Southern California, Los Angeles and earned a Doctorate in Public Administration. He topped the list of successful candidates in the Central Superior Services exam and joined the Civil Service of Pakistan in 1955.  
  He served on the Frontier as Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Political Agent and Secretary to Government till 1973, when he transferred to the Pakistan Foreign Service. There he became Ambassador to Bangladesh, India and the United Kingdom. He was Foreign Secretary of Pakistan in 1988-89. After retirement from the diplomatic service, he was appointed Head of the Commonwealth Foundation in London in 1993 and held that office till 2000, when he returned to Pakistan. He has been Chairman of Biafo since 2013. He is also Chairman of the Institute of Rural Development, Pakistan and a Director of the National Rural Support Programme, both non-profit organisations.  
M. Afzal Khan  
  Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors  
M. Afzal Khan holds the master’s degree in economics from Cambridge University U.K. He has more than 50 years’ experience in the Oil industry. He held a senior position in Pakistan Burmah Shell before joining Pakistan Refinery as the Chief Executive Officer. He was a member of the Board of Industrial Management & Chairman FederalLight Engineering Corporation in the seventies. He joined the Attock Oil Company in 1979 and was Chief Representative of Attock Oil, Chief Executive Officer of  
  Attock Refinery & Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Oil Fields. He retired as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of POL in 1990. He has also served as Chairman of OGDCL and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Biafo Industries Limited.  
Anwar Moin  
  Chief Executive Officer  
Mr. Anwar Moin has joined Biafo Industries limited as Chief Executive Officer effective 1st February 2019. He is a Graduate in Economics (1969) with a post – Graduate diploma in Business Management. He has over 40 years of very versatile experience in the Petroleum Industry, both upstream and downstream. During his career he has laid special emphasis on Cooperate Petroleum Management, Economic Analysis, Petroleum Finance, Joint Venture Management and Oil field Production and Operations. His specialization has been in Oil and Gas asset Procurement, Development and Port Folio Building. He has strong presentation and communication skills and has worked with multi-disciplinary teams as Project Leader.  
  During the course of his long career in the Oil Industry, he has also served as Vice Chairman of Pakistan Petroleum Exploration and Production Companies Association (PPEPCA) and also a member of its Board for over four years. He was also a member of the Task force dominated by PPEPCA for negotiating and concluding the 1994, 1997 and 2012 Petroleum policies of the Government of Pakistan. He has represented his Companies in Oil field operations in Sudan, Libya and Mauritania. Mr. Anwar Moin has remained Chief Executive Officer of Tullow Oil (Pakistan) Limited, Orient Petroleum Limited, Ocean Pakistan Limited and Canadian Resources (Pakistan) Limited. Mr. Anwar Moin is a Certified Director as required under code of Corporate Governance.  
Maj. Gen. (Ret'd.) S. Z. M. Askree  
  Member of the Board of Directors  
Maj. Gen. (Ret'd.) Syed Zaffar Mehdi Askree is a graduate of Govt. College, Lahore and holds a masters degree in Defence and Strategic Studies from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. He served in the Pakistan Army for 34 years and has a vast experience in a range of command, staff and instructional appointments. He is serving on the Board of Biafo Industries Ltd since 1998 and as Executive Director since 2006. He also remained executive director of OGDCL for 3 years.  
Ms. Shirin Safdar  
  Member of the Board of Directors  
Ms. Shirin Safdar is a retired civil servent of foreign service cadre. She worked on various key positions during her service including ambassador of Pakistan to Portugal. She is a graduate from University of Punjab. She is serving on the Board of Biafo Industries Limited since 2005.  
Khwaja Ahmad Hosain  
  Member of the Board of Directors  
Khwaja Ahmad Hosain is a graduate from Oxford University and is a Barrister at Law from Lincoln’s Inn. He is an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and also one of Pakistan’s leading corporate lawyers.
Ahmad Hosain has acted for bidders in past privatizations undertaken by the Government of Pakistan and regularly advises sellers and buyers in connection with share and business sale agreements and structures. He has also been involved in some of Pakistan’s major commercial
  transactions, including the international gas pipeline project between Iran-Pakistan-India. Apart from his corporate expertise, Ahmad Hosain also recently served as the Additional Attorney General of the Government of Pakistan. He is also a member of the Adjunct Law Faculty at the Lahore University of Management Sciences and is a CEDR Accredited Mediator.
Ahmad Hosain specializes in corporate and commercial transactions, privatizations and arbitrations. He is ranked as one of the leading lawyers in the corporate and commercial sector by Chambers and Partners and is also recognized in the Legal 500 as a leading lawyer in the Dispute Resolution and insurance sector.
Adnan Aurangeb  
  Member of the Board of Directors  
Adnan Aurangzeb is an engineer, former member of Parliament MNA and the current head of the former Swat princely state.  He is the eldest son of Miangul Aurangzeb and after the death of his father in 2014, he has become the unofficial Wali of Swat. 
He graduated from Aitchison College, an elite Pakistani secondary school. He is a professional electrical engineer who studied in the United States at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts
  He has served in the Pakistani parliament as a member of parliament in 2004 till 2008.
Ayesha Humayun Khan  
  Member of the Board of Directors  
Ayesha Humayun Khan has been appointed as Director of Biafo Industries Ltd on 12 June 2018. She has over 16 years experience in developing marketing and strategic communications campaigns for international and regional clients in a variety of sectors, including retail, real estate, hospitality and consumer banking.  
M Zafar Khan  
  Member of the Board of Directors  
M. Zafar Khan has served in Pakistan Army and retired as Colonel from Army Aviation Corps. He is on the Board of Directors of Biafo Industries Ltd since 2004.  
Muhammad Yaqoob  
  Member of the Board of Directors  
Mr. Muhammad Yaqoob is serving as a Director on the Board of Biafo Industries Limited since 2013. He is currently working as the Chief Operating Officer and Company Secretary at AKD Investment Management Limited. He has previously served on the Boards of Golden Arrow Selected Stocks Fund Limited and Pak Datacom Limited. He holds a Masters of Business Administration in Finance and is Candidate CFA level 3. He is also a certified Director from the Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance.  
Ehsan Mani  
  Member of the Board of Directors  
Ehsan is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (England & Wales) having qualified in 1970. He was, until September 2015, the Senior Independent director of one of the largest affordable housing companies in the UK (assets in excess of GBP3 billion), where he was also the Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee and a member of the Strategic Finance Committee. He served as a director of two banks in the United Kingdom for over 25 years; chairing the Audit & Risk Committees of both the banks. He has also served on the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s Inspection Commission as a co-opted member in 1990-1992 to review and report on WAPDA and PIA.  
  He is a past Chairman & President of the International Cricket Council 2003-06 He chaired the ICC Finance Committee (1996-2002). He represented PCB at the ICC between 1989 and 1996. He is on the Board of Governors of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, where he also chairs the Audit & Finance Committee. He is the Chairman of the Finance Committee of Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar and is a trustee of a number of other charities in Pakistan and the United Kingdom; including The Sir Feroze Khan and Lady Viqar-un-Nisa Noon Foundation set up to provide financial assistance to Pakistani students admitted to Oxford and Cambridge universities. He is a Trustee of the Sanjan Nagar Educational Trust in Lahore which provides high quality education to under privileged children. He is chairman of the Galiyat Development Authority and Ansar Management Company Limited; he was appointed director of Biafo Industries Limited in 2016.  
Ms Syeda Shahbano Abbas  
  Member of the Board of Directors  
Ms. Syeda Shahbano Abbas Graduated From The University Of Warwick With A Degree In History And Politics. She Has Worked In A Multitude Of Fields in Her Career, Exploring Banking And Education. Throughout These Roles She Found Herself In Positions That Involved The Analysis Of information. Thus, She Is Currently Undergoing Formal Training In The Field Of Data Analytics And Programming Alongside Her Full-Time Job As A Data Analyst At An Educational Technology Firm. She is on the Board of Directors of Biafo Industries Limited since October 2017.  
Ms Mehreen Hosain  
  Member of the Board of Directors  
Ms. Mehreen Hosain has done M. Sc in Environmental Technology (Ecological Management) from Imperial College London. She had worked with The World Bank as Senior Community Development Specialist and Senior Consultant with GHK. She was elected on the Board of Directors of Biafo Industries Limited in 2016.  
Basit Waheed  
  Member of the Board of Directors  
Mr. Basit Waheed is a Non-Executive Director of Biafo Industries Limited (‘the Company’). He was elected as a Director of the Company on the 24th October 2019, at the 31st annual general meeting of the Company. By being a member of the Board of Directors of the Company, Mr. Waheed brings to the benefit of the Company, the sum of his vast and diverse experience.  

Mr. Waheed is a lawyer by profession, and is an advocate of the High Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan.

In terms of his legal profession, Mr. Waheed has over 39 years of experience practising law. His areas of practice mainly include banking law, company law, constitutional law, contract law, criminal law, family law, land law and tort law.

Some of the notable and high profile work done by Mr. Waheed over the years as a lawyer, excluding his appearance in numerous cases in the senior courts of Pakistan, includes:

a) acting on behalf of the Government of Pakistan, through the Governor of Punjab, for registration of trust deeds to secure loans of the World Bank for setting up the Sui gas pipeline infrastructure in Pakistan;

b) acting on behalf of the Government of Pakistan for registration of the contract of construction of the Tarbela Dam; and

c) acting on behalf of the Pakistan Army for registration of the sale deed on the purchase of Glaxo Laboratories (Pak) Limited’s factory located at Renala Khurd, Okara, Punjab - now known as Renala State Military Farms.

Apart from being a lawyer, Mr. Waheed is also an investor in the stock market. He invests extensively in shares of public limited companies listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited, and has over 4 decades of experience in investing in the stock market.

Prior to the 3 stock exchanges of Pakistan, i.e. the Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited, the Lahore Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited, and the Islamabad Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited, becoming bodies corporate limited by shares, and then subsequently being amalgamated to form the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited, Mr. Waheed used to be a member of the then Lahore Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited (‘the Lahore Stock Exchange’).

As a member of the Lahore Stock Exchange, Mr. Waheed was a licensed trader and stockbroker. He provided brokerage and trading services to investors, and continued to do so for a number of years, before eventually disposing of his membership of the Lahore Stock Exchange.

Although Mr. Waheed only provided brokerage and trading services to investors for a number or years, he remained a member of the Lahore Stock Exchange for more than 3 decades.

During his time as a member of the Lahore Stock Exchange, Mr. Waheed held senior management positions in the Lahore Stock Exchange, such as that of the Director of the Lahore Stock Exchange and the Vice President of the Lahore Stock Exchange.

He also held the position of the Permanent Chairman of the Building Committee of the Lahore Stock Exchange and was responsible for overseeing the creation of the building of the Lahore Stock Exchange, from the acquisition of land for the building to the completion of construction of the building.

In addition to this, Mr. Waheed also served on the Board of Directors of the Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (‘Central Depository Company’). He was 1 of the First Directors of the Central Depository Company and was responsible for overseeing the formation and establishment of the Central Depository Company, and its electronic book entry system, known as the Central Depository System.

Furthermore, until recently Mr. Waheed was also a Non-Executive Director of Pak Datacom Limited. He served on the Board of Directors of Pak Datacom Limited from October 2017 to May 2019.


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