Powder explosive
Powder explosives or low density explosives are unique because of their explosives properties as well as their premier requirement.
Ammonium nitrate is an essential ingredient in nearly all commercial explosives and its predominant use is in the form of an AN Prill, a small porous pellet mined with fuel oil. This mixture commonly referred as ANFO. The most widely used ANFO product is oxygen balanced, free flowing mixture of AN Prills and diesel fuel oil. Other ANFO products are modifications of this basic ANFO Formula in which
Substance such as ammonium or coal is used in place of the diesel fuel oil.
The ANFO Prill is crushed.
The ANFO product is packaged in a water resistant package for use in water resistant package for use in wet boreholes.
Biafo offers complete low density Blasting Agents are:
- Bio Prill (ANFO)  
- Bi-Bulk  

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