ACCessories --- detonators
Plain detonator No: 8 is made of Aluminum sheet, lead azide, lead styphnate and Pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PENTN.) Ultrasonic clean-ing makes it free from sharp edges, surface defects, grease and oil, Its length is 45 mm and dia is 6.8 mm and shall perforate completely a 4 mm thick lead plate. Detonator can be employed to initiate Tovex, daynamite, detonating cord and other cap sensitive explosives.

Packing: 100 Pcs in a card board box and 10, 000 Pcs in a corrugated carton
Explosives Classification :
Class 6, Division 3, UN No 0455 1.4s
Electric detonator No 8 is identicall to Plain detonator except that a fuse head assembly along with two copper wire insulated with PVC are attached, Its diameter at crimped places is 502mm and is provided with 3 meter leg wire. It shall not be initiated by a direct current of 0.25 Amps for 30 seconds and shall be initiated by a direct current of 1.0 Amps for 0.01 seconds . All electric detonators have shunts on the free ends of the leg wires to help protect against unwanted current flowing through the bridge circuit...

Total Resistance: 1.0 - 1.2 ohms per detonator.
Packing: 50 Pcs in a cardboard box and 500 Pcs inCorrugated carton
Explosives Classification :
Class 6, Division 3 UN NO 0456 1.4S
We also produced Seismic Detonators for Oil Exploration Companies in different lengths.

We Also produced Non Electric Delay Detonator with different lengths of Shock Tube. In addition to this we also supply the following
- Milli Second / Half Second Delay Detonators
- Delay Relays

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