Powder explosive --- bi-bulk
BI-BULK is a non-cap sensitive blasting agent blend of ammonium nitrate prills, fuel oil, aluminium and other ingredients. It is uniformly mixed and free running. Presence of Aluminum in this product produces more heave action resulting in greater rock breakage and movement BI-BULK is used for column charge for open cut blasting work..

  Density : 0.88 g/ cc
  Velocity of detonation (VOD): 9,185 ft / sec (2800 m/sec) - confined
  Fume Class : Class 1, not recommended for underground use
  Explosives Classification :
Class 2, UN No 0082 Group 1.1D
  Shelf Life : One year from date of manufacture stored at ambient temperatures
  Water Resistance :
  Priming Requirements :
Required Primer for initiation, use recommended grades or water(Blaster / Super Blaster).
  Diameter (mm)
25 Kg Polyproplene bag with a polythene liner inside. Also available on order in polythene tubes of dia 75 mm, 63mm 50 mm and length 500 mm in a 25 Kg corrugated carton.
  Storage Keep the product separate from high explosives. It should be stored in a dry, well ventilated, sbstantially constructed magazine. Rotate the stocks and use oldest material first.

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